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"CALAVERAS" Button up Shirt Black | Lè Phresh

"CALAVERAS" Button up Shirt Black | Lè Phresh

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Our Dia de Los Muertos design was made to celebrate the Mexican holiday known as the "Day of the Dead." This holiday is a time for families and communities to remember and honor their loved ones who have passed away. The tee usually features colorful and vibrant artwork that captures the festive spirit of the holiday, such as images of decorated sugar skulls, marigolds, candles, and other symbols associated with the Day of the Dead. The tee may also include traditional sayings or phrases in Spanish, such as "Dia de los Muertos" or "Hasta la Muerte" ("Until Death"). Wearing a Dia de los Muertos tee is a way to show support and appreciation for Mexican traditions and to honor the memories of those who have passed on.


(All Gender)

All over Printed Button Up Shirt

Plumeria Flower design by Lè Phresh 

100% Rayon

Wash Cold/Hang Dry/ Dry clean for best results

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