Lè Phresh Lifestyle

Our Mission is to Build Unity in the Community. Lè Phresh embraces confidence, creativity, and the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to. You don't have to follow a certain crowd to be Lè Phresh. It's more about being true to yourself and creating your own keys to success. A Lifestyle Brand for Self Believers.

"Top Notch"

“You killed it! Super roomy fit and I don't feel suffocated, like I usually do in pull over hoodies. I can't express how much I love your product. And again your customer service is top notch.”

Darci J.


“Super duper comfy! I really like the chenille patchwork, because it kind of gives off a letterman vibe. It’s also unique, I haven’t seen a design like it.”

Roya B.


“I love your black home plate hoodie because it has a very comfortable fit. It’s baggy but not too baggy, gives me a home feeling even when I’m feeling stylish.”

Christian S.

"My Favorite"

"No Lie your socks are the BEST out! They are so comfy."

Dominique W.


"The sweats you dropped that I copped, EASILY the most comfy sweats I’ve ever worn."

Odyssey C.