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Lè Phresh is too fresh.

A celebrated quality Bay-Area brand! Lè Phresh is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke line that creates memorable gear honoring the community.

"Top Notch"

“You killed it! Super roomy fit and I don't feel suffocated, like I usually do in pull over hoodies. I can't express how much I love your product. And again your customer service is top notch.”

Darci J.


“Super duper comfy! I really like the chenille patchwork, because it kind of gives off a letterman vibe. It’s also unique, I haven’t seen a design like it.”

Roya B.

"Comfy & Stylish"

“ I love your black home plate hoodie because it has a very comfortable fit. It’s baggy but not too baggy, gives me a home feeling even when I’m feeling stylish.”

Christian S.

"My Favorite"

No Lie your socks are the BEST out! They are so comfy.

Dominique W.