The Story Behind the Threads: Bae Area

Funny story how this design has come to be one of Lè Phresh’s infamous designs. Back in 2014 It all started off as a joke and playing off of the popular word at the time “ Bae “. Being from the Bay Area I felt it was perfect to incorporate a play on words. What made the idea better is that you dont have to be from the Bay Area to wear this design. Maybe you just want to let people know that you are Bae or there is Bae’s in the Area lol.

With this particular design I made it a little more personal to the Bay Area by incorporating all of our native sports teams. However instead of plucking the logos straight from the local teams to spell “Bae” out i decided to remix the logos to create my own letters. The struggles to get this created was not easy, had to go through a color change and with this being my first time using this particular material I was very nervous on how it would come to life. I made the decision and took a leap of faith.

Trusting my vision, I was about to create something better than my original design back in 2014 off of a running joke. Having progressed this far in my brand i have also added Chenille patchwork to have the “letterman” look to represent the growth and elevation of the Lè Phresh.

Just because you make a design now doesn’t mean you can’t improve it later. Check out a few photos from the photo shoot and the development of the design.

Photos by Eezy (@ItsNevereezy on IG)

Model : Janae (@curlsandfrecks on IG), Olivia ( @sangronx_ on IG), and Princeton Lè Phresh 


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