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How it Started

I have had the pleasure to Sponsor Black Student Union(BSU) at a middle school in Pleasanton, California located in the Bay Area. This will be the second school sponsor that I have ever done and find it very important to keep the brand engaging and empowering the youth. I was approached by former colleagues from the middle school who provided me with this great opportunity. Sponsoring a school club like Black Student Union is important to the brand because it falls in line with our mission statement and overall core values. Standing with clubs that advocate for people in general, especially at a very young age shows that the change of the future starts early. It is important to set these values for the youth to feel confident that adults will follow and lead them in their purpose.

What It Means to Me

 What Black Student Union means to me is a shift in mindset towards a better future. When I see kids who are not of African descent in a club like the Black Student Union it shows me that the younger generation wants to learn and teach others how to be better. We can all learn from each other but it takes more of a deeper dive to learn about people's cultures and what makes us all different in the end. Being able to be a part of that forward message for our future leaders, I feel holds a lot of value because instead of just talking about it we are taking the first steps to take action. 


 To begin this collaboration we are starting with stickers with our own Black Student Union logo and rubber wristbands to get the word out to the students. This will be done at the schools annual "Panther Fest" an after school event to get the parents and community familiar/involved with the schools clubs. These will be used to bring awareness around campus and cultivate the meaning of BSU. The goal is to get a shirt made for and by the students so they can represent proudly. Be sure to check out the blog for more updates.

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Hello Mike, thank you for your interest. we didnt make any clothing for this particular drop. all of the clothing we have related to this would be on our product page.

Princeton Lè Phresh

I met customer today and she was with her daughter Daisy I believe her name was. Anyhow I would like to order a shirt from you that I was interested in.

Mike Kubach

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