Flowers To The Artist Ft Eric Williams.

Name: Eric Williams

Instagram: itsnevereezy

Artist Occupation: Photographer

How have you contributed to Lè Phresh?

  • I’ve taken most if not all of the Lè Phresh lookbooks and social media pics

What drives your passion for what you do?

  • People. I like bringing the best lookout of people and capturing a side of them that not even themselves have seen.

When did you start? 

  • 2010...I think

How has your practice change over time? 

  • I use to be a landscape photographer, I rarely took pics of people but over time I started to take more pics of people, and eventually, I only took pics of people. Plus I’ve taken pics of most landscapes around the Bay

What work do you most enjoying doing? Why?

  • The shooting. It’s a great feeling to set up the shot and see how it turns out in an instant with digital. The best feeling is using film and then getting shots back later and just seeing the film-like look to all your pics. Film over digital.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

  • Probably seeing Princeton's reaction every time we shoot and the pics translate to the vision he had for them 

What is your dream project?

  • To create a book or even do a photo essay of one of my favorite artist on tour or something as simple as their day to day...all on film of course
    This man right here is the Shaq to my Kobe. He has helped me grow as a creative by never letting me limit myself or let me think an idea is out of hand. The way we execute makes all of our shoots so seamless. That gives us more time to push our creativity and get to know the people we are working with. As the brand starts to grow and more photographers start to work, they need to thank him for help me set up the blueprint. Thank you, E for being a staple of the Lè Phresh team your loyalty to the brand means the world to me. Without you, I honestly don't know where Lè Phresh would be. FLOWERS!
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