MAGIC/Agenda Fashion Event - For Fashion, Manufacturing, and Networking

MAGIC Fashion Event - For Fashion, Manufacturing, and Networking

I am looking forward to attending Project/MAGIC Sourcing and Agenda trade show in Las Vegas. These trade shows are great for networking for like-minded people from all over the world. MAGIC Fashion Show/Agenda Trade Show provides a setting where clothing makers are able to network with manufacturers and find  sourcing for a wide variety of  materials. Events like MAGIC make it possible to literally build your products from the ground up. 

In February of 2022, I found a manufacturer that supplied a particular fabric that I wanted to experiment with  for a new project coming later this year. Sign up to the Lè Phresh mailing list to stay up to date with new styles coming. Since then I’ve been researching materials and vendors to further expand the brand and I’m looking forward to finding suppliers that can help me with future projects. . For the last few months, I’ve been working behind the scenes to expand and develop some of the styles that we serve here at Le Phresh. We’re always looking to grow our portfolio and, hopefully, give people something different to what they’ve been used to seeing from Le Phresh.. 

I’m also looking forward to seeing the updates to sustainable sourcing  that are happening throughout the fashion world. In addition to learning more about sustainability, MAGIC fashion show hosts about 25-40 panelists in different parts of the fashion industry that give advice, share their opinions on how to make your way through the fashion industry, and sometimes preview projects of their own. I’m also excited to catch T-Pain’s panel for that week. It will also be interesting to see what celebrities pop out at the events this year.


Project is more business to business(B2B) and this is where emerging brands and certain established brands have buyers visit their booths to see what they would like for their stores. During Project Trade Show, I use my time to connect with other brands or offer my assistance for future projects.At events like this, I find it easy to connect and grow my network as most of the people in attendance share the same passions and have the same goals in mind. I feel it’s important to share space and get to know other brands, because it can help you both cross-promote and help gain new audiences. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to cross paths with like-minded individuals and cultivate new connections that will inspire me and hopefully spark art. 


Agenda Trade Show is all streetwear, from emerging to well-seasoned brands. Almost everything about the culture of streetwear is at this show. Here I’ll be looking for brands that would potentially like to join forces and collaborate on future projects. Hopefully, in this space, I can also connect with social media influencers that would like to work with Le Phresh. Agenda is a great way to get yourself out there. One of these days I will have my booth at the event - but for now, I like the connections I can make moving on my own. These events are great opportunities to expand your horizons as a creative and build relationships within the fashion industry. If you are passionate about fashion, making clothes, and building a brand, consider attending MAGIC/Agenda.

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