Flowers To The Artist ft Jelena aka Rug Princess

Jelena aka Rug Princess


Artist Occupation
Rug Creator

How have you contributed to Lè Phresh?
Besides many personal rug creations, I’ve contributed by making a rug inspired by the Stronger Together project. My sewing skills got to contribute by putting together custom-made hats.

What drives your passion for what you do?
Freedom. As an immigrant, sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in this box with no way out. As a creator, there’s no limit on what I can do. I can make anything and everything I put my mind and time into. Exploring my creative side saved my life.

When did you start?
March 2021. I saw a couple of videos of rug making, so I thought I could try it myself. Glad I did.

How has your practice change over time?
I started with a punch needle. Punch needle is this tool that manually makes stitch by stitch. A very tedious job with a lot of back pain. But I liked it. In June 2021 I decided to invest in a Tufting Machine. It was life-changing. I can make rugs much faster now, still tedious tho and instead of back pain now there’s wrist pain. But that’s just a small sacrifice for big success.

What work do you most enjoy doing?
Working on original designs.

The rug industry is just a big copy and paste. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with copying other designs like Nike or I see a lot of Murasaki flower rugs etc. But it feels extra special knowing that you created a rug from scratch, and it was all YOU. You put your time and thoughts and created something unique.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Every time my customers liked the rug I made for them. Every customer I have is a blessing and their responses mean so much.

What is your dream project?
I already finished my dream project. I made a portrait of Nipsey Hussle. Time to dream again.

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Your work is amazing, you will be famous one day 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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