Flowers to the Artist ft Quinn

Name: Quinn Hines

Instagram: @heartbreakquinn

Artist Occupation: Actor/ Model and a grill specialist/ jeweler for the company ZeroBelow Grillz. 

1.) How have you contributed to Lè Phresh ? 

My first 2 fashion runway shows I walked in, I modeled for Lè Phresh and I modeled for Lè Phresh 2021 summer collection. 


2.) What drives your passion for what you do?

What drives my passion to do what I do is that I want to be one of the ones that help break boundaries within the industry as a model and actor. 


3.) When did you start? 

I did my first photo shoot back in July of 2016. 


4.) How has your practice change over time?

My practice has change a lot over the years. I started off just taking photos and posting them as a hobby for peoples reaction. Now I’ve learned how to represent myself as a model that has made a way for the opportunities I’m receiving. 


5.) What work do you most enjoying doing? Why?

I definitely enjoy doing music videos because it allows me to get the exposure I want. A male video vixen! 


6.) What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Receiving positive messages from people I know and don’t know for what a inspiration I’ve been and to continue to win. 


7.) What is your dream project?

My dream project is to make the cover of GQ magazine. I want to callab with all the top fashion brands and officially become a GQ model.


Funny story meeting Quinn, we connected at a hookah bar where I was invited to showcase Lè Phresh for a fashion show being hosted there. He just walked in casually, and they informed him that we were having a casting call that day. Not realizing what was going on, I needed a male model to walk the fashion show and I chose him to represent the brand. All in all, the event didn’t go too well, but I saw the potential that he possessed, and took him with me to another show I already had planned. He took direction well and added his flare to the brand, which was something I was interested in. As time went on, his willingness to continue to represent the brand grew, and we continued to build on our connection. Our latest project we executed 6 hours away from each other. I was able to coordinate a shoot in LA from the Bay Area, and he came through to make this possible. He has been a reliable key to the brand, and it has been a pleasure working with him. Just in March, he walked his first fashion show with The Model Experience and I made it a priority to get down to LA to support him just as much as he supports me. Can’t wait to see how he continues to grow and how we will continue to work together. Make sure you check out his page and show support.

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