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City League Jerseys have officially dropped. Show love, rep your city and learn more about the inspiration behind the Lè Phresh City League Jerseys.


City League Jersey


This City League jersey drop is a great level up for Lè Phresh because it is the first time we have represented other cities outside of the Bay Area. We all love our local teams, but I feel like when you’re hustling out of your home city or anywhere else you have to put your city on your back. These sports jerseys are special because they represent the cities with their global nicknames and have no kind of print on them. I wanted to elevate the look of our previous sports jersey and feel the City League  sports jersey is my way of showing that elevated growth.

Project and Design Considerations

With these sports jerseys, I chose vibrant colors to go into the summer which is a bit of a turn for Lè Phresh since we tend to start around black garments. I designed them with all embroidery and chenille patchwork. The patch on the sleeve which was created by me represents that we are not Allstars but we are ALL STARS. I say that because I want everyone to know that we are all powered by the star that shines within us. This project was more about representing the people and where they’re from rather than the actual sports teams themselves. I understand that we may not all be fans of our home teams but that doesn’t mean we can't rep our city. This is also a great way to travel and rep where you’re from directly. 


What Do These Cities Mean to Me?


I went with the Bay Area jersey team colors to match A’s and Giants. Without a doubt, I had to make sure that I put on for my home team. Growing up and taking Bart with my Pops to the coliseum or ATT Park (now known as Oracle) was one of our favorite past times. I remember going during the summer and if I was lucky my dad would let me miss school so we could catch an early day ball game. Seeing the evolutions of Bay Area jerseys over the years I was always inspired by all the different colors or different style patches. 

I went with LA and NY as a start because both of those cities have done their fair share of inspiration for my brand and what it is today. LA and NY have always been an inspiration to my lifestyle from music, art, and fashion. Taking trips to both places throughout my life has done so much to develop and mold my fashion sense.. I’ve always loved LA for its comfy wear-what-you-want skate style. The loud colors fit for hanging under the sun or on the beach all day. NY has a different spin on fashion where it’s more all about layering up and showing off the fire kicks. Being able to merge those 2 styles growing up put me in a style of my own that showed me how to be versatile in different settings. I feel it's only right to pay homage to the cities that helped embody the style that I have today.  What cities would you want to see us do next?

If you have a jersey from us before we would love to hear you about what you think about the new changes on this jersey. You can also click here to purchase your Lè Phresh City League Jersey. 

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