A Closer Look at 420 Collection BTS

Been planning this drop since October. I wanted to plan this far out just to make sure I had everything I needed when it was time to execute. Do you think everything went as planned? Of course not haha. There were a lot of ups and downs leading up to today's drop from ideas to production. I feel the best part of having a brand is facing adversity and overcoming it. There is always room for growth.

Funny story about this design. When I first had the idea of starting a brand back in 2009, my best friend from Kindergarten Zae gave me this great idea. It always stuck with me that at the right time I'm going to do this design when the time is right. multiple times I thought the time was right but I always ran into an obstacle that showed me it wasn't time. Here we are 12 years later with the design in full effect. Was it the right time now? who knows but it feels better than all the other times I tried to release this design. I love the idea of things playing in reverse but looks like it's playing forward. This is my second time doing this concept for a release. Due to complications at that time, I feel it didn’t reach as many people as it had the potential to. So I pocketed the concept until it was time to retry it. This 420 video was going to have smoking be the main focus. All though I know it would attract the right crowd I felt it would be better not to make it the main focus. The first thing I thought about was “let's put it in reverse.” These projects are always fun because it’s so challenging at the moment to see a vision backward with the end thought of it has to be forward. I would like to thanks the videographer Zo (@zo_rosales on IG) and the photographer Eric (@Itsnevereezy on IG) for all the work they put in to help me bring this vision to life. They deserve these flowers just as much as I do for this project. I hope you enjoy the video and some of the behind-the-scenes of creativity.

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